LeClaire distillery to start pumping out hand sanitizer

Local News

A local distillery is putting alcohol production on hold to make hand sanitizer.

The owner of Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire will fill orders for health care systems and the government first, and says his reason for doing this is simple.

“If you have a chance to do something to help, why wouldn’t you?” Ryan Burchett, the owner of the distillery said. “I mean I don’t know anybody that if they had something they were holding on to that they could help with. Now we’re not making toilet paper I can’t help you in that respect, but you know this is unique to distilleries. We have a lot of high proof alcohol sitting right inside that building and it can help people, so let’s do that.”

The owner says they are trying to figure out packaging to sell the sanitzer on a smaller scale. He says to stay tuned to their website and social media to see when products will be available.

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