East Moline Police Sgt. William Lind continues to make progress in his recovery at OSF St. Francis Hospital in Peoria after a devastating attack while on patrol on October 24. He recently underwent surgery to reinstall a section of bone flap that was initially removed to allow for brain swelling. “They got it placed back in, so now it’s just a matter of recovering from that surgery and moving forward, hopefully progressing towards some rehab,” says Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 96 president Dan Crippen in an update. There’s no set timeline for him to start rehab, but doctors are hopeful he can start soon. “I don’t think they’ve got anything definite. I know they’re hoping that rehab will be starting sooner than later,” said Crippen. “We’re hoping like in a week or so, maybe sooner maybe later. It just depends on how everything continues to progress day by day.” The surgery put him back in the ICU briefly but he’s back on the neurological floor of the hospital, which is where he’s expected to stay, at least for a while.

Crippen has been in regular contact with the Lind family and says Sgt. Lind is ready to start on the challenging work of rehab. “I had a brief conversation with him. He definitely wants everybody to know that he’s so appreciative of everything they’ve done for him and his family along the way up to this point. He’s just ready to move forward. I think he’s looking forward for some rehab; obviously there’s some things he knows he’s got to work on and he’s got some hurdles to overcome. It’s not going to be a short road but he’s willing to get going.”

In the meantime, members of the Quad Cities community continue to step up to help out. Bad Boyz Pizza and Pub is holding a fundraiser at both their Moline (313 16th Street) and Davenport (4706 Utica Ridge Road) locations today and 20% of the proceeds will go to the Lind family. Donations are still being accepted at Blackhawk Bank & Trust, as well as the Venmo account set up in Sgt. Lind’s name. Snap On dealer Brian Morrisey is raffling off a KHP415 power cart with a power bank worth $2695 on his Facebook page. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at one of the stops on the trucks’ routes or by contacting Morrisey through the page. Green Tree Brewery, 309 N. Cody Road in LeClaire, is hosting a euchre night on Tuesday, December 20 at 6 p.m. All funds raised will go to the Lind family.

Crippen says Sgt. Lind is amazed by the support from the community. “When he found out about the fundraising and stuff, he was a little set back. He just can’t express enough gratitude for the amount of outpouring of support – financially, volunteering, helping do things at his house or helping his family out doing things and making sure that they can get down to see him, making sure that they have the funds to do that. All the visitors and people offering to do things after he’s able to hopefully come home, he’s just really excited about that. At this point, he’s just glad to be awake and a little more coherent as to what’s going on around him.”