Linda Cook review: ‘Faith Ba$ed’ is based on slackers’ friendship

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First, note the dollar sign in the title. “Faith Ba$ed” isn’t a “faith-based” movie.

You may be familiar with the comic minds behind this film. Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason are well known for the “Funny or Die” comedies, and they bring that same sense of humor here as a couple of ne’er-do-wells trying to make a quick buck … or any buck, for that matter.

Barnett wrote the script for his “bromantic comedy” in which the two star as characters with their real first names.

Luke is a pool cleaner who also has a side gig hustling diet tea as part of a pyramid scheme. Tanner’s a bartender.

They drift along, drinking beer and dreaming big, until one day they decide to make a Christian movie. They figure it’s a great way to make some easy money?

Luke’s pastor dad (Lance Reddick, “John Wick”) tells him about Christian movies that have made big money.

They decide to go ahead and look for investors, actors, and anyone who might know something about making movies. Because they certainly don’t.  

After quickly deciding upon the theme of their film, “A Prayer in Space,” about a woman astronaut, stranded on a mission to Mars, who says the first prayer in outer space.

Although the friendship is at the core of the carryings-on, they find two spend time apart until the friendship is tested to its limits.

The movie, while it maintains an edge, really doesn’t have a mean bone in its cinematic body. I love the way the friendship is depicted with realistic dialogue and great chemistry between the two leads.

Also, the film has a couple of surprisingly touching, heartfelt moments. It pokes fun at movie-making far more than it does people of faith.

If you enjoyed the likes of “I Love You, Man,” enjoy this with your best pal.

3 out of 4 stars

Unrated, but not for kids.

Running time: One hour and 32 minutes.

On various streaming platforms.

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