Linda Cook review: ‘Finding You’ is worth seeking

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If you don’t like one of the story lines in “Finding You,” stick around and you’re bound to find one that appeals to you.

The busy, engaging dramedy has several subplots beyond its romantic core.

Here’s the setup: Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid, “The World We Make”) is a violinist who, after a failed audition at a music conservatory, takes off to Ireland through her school’s study-abroad program.

Along the way, she meets cute with actor Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre, television’s “Legacies”) who ends up staying at the bed and breakfast Finley’s host family runs.

Part of her Irish studies class involves spending at least 20 hours with a nursing-home resident. Finley is assigned to visit a cranky woman (Vanessa Redgrave) who wants no part of Finley or the program.

Yes, it has all the hallmarks of, well, a Hallmark movie. Parts of this movie, which reminds me of “Notting Hill,” are contrived and predictable.

But its earnest charm makes it worthwhile and touching.

First, I liked seeing lead roles go to solid performers who aren’t household names. They share a genuine chemistry that’s always fun to watch.

Second, a wonderful subplot about music provides the audience with terrific tunes.

Third, the scenery is, not surprisingly, a star on its own. Although it won’t surprise me if this movie pops up on television soon, its gorgeous cinematography makes it well worth seeing on the big screen.

And who won’t appreciate the underlying theme of the importance of finding one’s passion? Also, I love the way Beckett faces an intense personal struggle while Finley tries to unravel the secret behind the anger of Redgrave’s character.

Also, over the years, many moviegoers who seek gentle but intelligent screenplays have asked me why there aren’t more “PG”-rated films for grownups.

I wish I knew. All I can tell you is that “Finding You” is among those rarities. It’s worth traveling to the theater to find it.

3 stars

Rated: PG.

Running time: Two hours.

At Cinemark, Davenport.

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