Linda Cook review: ‘I Care A Lot’ is solid, scary thriller about aging and greed

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Rosamund Pike is deliciously evil in “I Care A Lot,” a solid thriller about a con artist who tries to play a player.

Pike, in a character similar to her “Gone Girl” turn, is Marla, a professional legal guardian who, with the help of a scheming doctor, takes guardianship of carefully selected older people who lose their property and money to her.

Marla has just sent a wealthy woman named Jennifer (Dianne Wiest,) who protests when Marla shows up at her door. Marla forces Jennifer into a nursing home, where she is drugged into submissiveness while Jennifer plans to sell her beautiful home.

Marla has an answer for everything – even Jennifer’s protests. But she doesn’t that Jennifer has a son, Roman (Peter Dinklage) who, once he discovers what Marla is up to, becomes just as ruthless as Marla is when he tries to rescue his mother.

Marla, who doesn’t care a whit about the people for whom she serves as a “guardian,” is whip-smart. She understands all the legal intricacies in what she does, always acts and dresses professionally and has endeared herself to a judge who thanks her for what she does.
The goings-on heat up when Marla, Roman, and Roman’s attorney begin to play a deadly cat-and-mouse game.  

Pike is terrific as the woman who thinks her plans always will go undetected. The Oscar-winning Wiest, at 72, is just amazing, transitioning into a woman to be reckoned with – watch her face change when she begins to recover from the influence of the drugs she’s been given.

This isn’t a movie for the faint of heart. It’s dark and, at times, darkly funny. And it’s just on the edge of being believable, which makes it really, really scary.

3 stars

Rated: R for foul language, sexual situations and violence.

Running time: Two hours.

Streaming on Netflix.

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