Linda Cook review: Remember your tissues when you see ‘All My Life’

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You know, after the horror that was 2020 begins to wind down, maybe we all need a good cry.

There I was, wringing out my sleeves, unexpectedly touched by “All My Life.” The film also has heart, humor and a real-life core that make it a weeper worth seeing.

Jenn Carter (Jessica Rothe, star of the “Happy Death Day” movies) is earning her master’s degree in psychology. She is hanging out with her two best friends at a sports bar when they meet Solomon “Sol” Chau (Harry Shum Jr., “Crazy Rich Asians.”)

Awkward but charming, Sol is a digital marketing analyst who really wants to be a chef.

At first, the movie is just about what you’d expect. Gorgeous alternative folk-rock tunes play (it has a great soundtrack, with music by Lisbeth Scott) while the two fall in love at a farmer’s market and other lovely environments.

Eventually, they move in together, and of course they overcome some obstacles while their relationship grows and Sol’s job gives him ever-more stress. Jenn solves that problem by providing him with an opportunity that’s pretty much his chance of a lifetime. He, in turn, stages an energetic, coloful proposal – featuring the Oasis tune “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

But the rest of their journey is far from idyllic. Even while they find their dreams shattered, their friends begin to gather around them to make at least one of their dreams come true.

I loved watching the two leads together, with their natural, playful chemistry.  I also loved watching the way they interacted with their friends, who form a supportive family around them, especially when the going gets tough.

This is a detail that meant a lot to me as someone who has rescued older animal companions: They adopt an older dog, and not a puppy.

This sweet movie is meant to make you consider how fleeting time is with those we love, and then cry.

It does just that. Remember your tissues.

Rated: PG-13 for brief foul language and adult themes.

Running time: One hour and 33 minutes.

At Cinemark, Davenport, and Palms 10, Muscatine.

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