Linda Cook review: ‘Skin Walker’ will give you the creeps … just in time for Halloween

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Udo Kier is just the guy you want to see in October to, well, get under your skin.

The horror film “Skin Walker” is just the kind of movie that will do exactly that, too.

This isn’t so much a monster flick as it is a thriller. It’s meant to make the audience wince in discomfort, and not with gore.

The story is centered on Regine Kirk (Amber Anderson, “Emma.”) a 20-something who wors in some sort of factory.

The movie opens with Regine in a Goth club, where she dances to industrial music and ends up going home with a guy – it’s uncertain whether he is a boyfriend and someone she has just met.  

One day, Regine arrives home from work and finds she has a visitor, a stranger who claims to know her and to have known her mother. He says his name is Robert (Jefferson Hall, in the current “Tenet” and also the 2018 “Halloween.”)

He tells her that her younger brother, whom Regine believes to be dead, is alive. He delivers some more startling news (it wouldn’t be fair to share that before you see the movie.)

Ultimately, Regine asks Robert to leave. But then she decides to go back to her childhood home somewhere in Europe to find out what really happened to her younger mother.

Claus (Kier, who has appeared in many horror movies clear back to “Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein” and the original “Surpiria”) is her father, who is mourning the recent death of his mother. Regine wonders whether her grandmother was murdered, but Claus denies this.

Through flashbacks, we learn more about Claus’s history and also Regine’s childhood.

As more and more weird events occur, the troubled Regine must unravel her own past and what’s currently happening around her.  

The cinematography always gives the viewer the feeling that Regine’s world is closing in on her. It’s a creepy character study just perfect for the Halloween season.

3 out of 4 stars

Unrated, but not for children.

Running time: One hour and 30 minutes.

On streaming platforms.

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