Linda Cook review: ‘The Nest’ examines disintegration of a marriage

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Here’s another grownups-only dramatic thriller from Sean Durkin (“Martha Marcy May Marlene.”)

The film, so grim and unsettling it feels like a horror movie, is about the fragmentation of a marriage and the secrets within it.

Durkin wrote and directed “The Nest,” set in the 1980s. Jude Law and Carrie Coon star, respectively, as Rory and Allison O’Hara.

The couple live quite comfortably with their two children. He’s a commodities trader who hails from England. She’s an American who teaches horseback riding.

He wakes her gently every morning as light streams in through the bedroom window of their lovely home. At first, it’s easy to think “Here’s a couple that has it all.”

Rory doesn’t seem to think so. He secretly presents an offer to his former boss at the financial-services firm where he once worked: He will come back to England and do great things for the company.

Allison can’t believe he wants to leave, but leave they do. Rory rents – with the option to buy – a gargantuan manor outside of London. The home includes a lot of land, where Allison can build stables and keep horses.

Rory tells Allison he’ll take care of the money – she doesn’t need to worry about a thing. We watch him lie, promise and posture while Allison continues to have a nagging feeling something is wrong.

Their children become miserable and uncertain, and their daughter begins to act out – smoking not-so-secretly and hanging around with kids who drink and do drugs.

Resentment hangs thick in the air while Rory overextends himself everywhere, while Allison realizes they have made a grievous mistake.

The family disintegration begins slowly, but picks up speed toward the end.

This is for fans of dramas like “Marriage Story.” It’s beautifully written and acted, but it’s rough going – for serious drama aficionados only.

Rated: R for foul language, sexual situations, drinking, drug abuse, and other adult themes.

Running time: One hour and 47 minutes.

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