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Linda Cook review: There’s not a baaad moment in the latest ‘Shaun the Sheep’ movie

There’s just not a baaad moment in “A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.”

Not many movies that appeal to adults and kids alike, but this is one of them. Aardman Animations gentle but action-packed humor is presented again here with the zeal that made the Wallace and Gromit stop-motion animation film “A Close Shave” such a delight for Aardman’s now-cult following.

And it’s all done without dialogue.

Shaun has his own TV series, and also debuted on the big screen in 2015. But you don’t need to do any homework to enjoy the whimsy of the latest Aardman offering.

As usual, Shaun (voice of Justin Fletcher) is up to something, always trying to lead the flock in some shenanigans that will get the better of the beleaguered dog Bitzer (John Sparkes.)

This time, the action begins far away from the farm … far, far away. A flying saucer lands in a wooded area nearby, and the alien Lu-La (Amalia Vitale) manages to find herself among the flock.

The landing doesn’t go unseen or unreported, and an agent who tracks UFOs is hot on its trail. Meanwhile, Lu-La just wants to get home … sound familiar?

“E.T.” isn’t the only pop-culture reference in this enjoyable romp. Science-fiction buffs – and I’m one of them – will enjoy nods to the likes of “Dr. Who” and “The X-Files.”

The stop-motion animation, painstakingly and cleverly wrought, gives viewers entertaining imagery in every sequence – I love the way Lu-La’s ears (I think they’re ears) light up, for example. And guess in what kind of shop a bull, taken by a flying saucer, ends up.

You certainly don’t have to watch this with children to enjoy it, but it’s suitable family fare that might lead to take in the other Aardman offerings, too.

4 stars

Rated: G, with nothing offensive for any audience.

Streaming on Netflix.

Running time: One hour and 26 minutes.