Local 4 Exclusive: For the first time, Davenport officer speaks about being shot in the line of duty

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Officer Ryan Leabo was shot in the leg and chest during a chase in April

Honors tonight for two emergency workers who went above and beyond their badge.

The American Legion’s Post 26 held its annual police and firefighter of the year ceremony in Davenport tonight.

Local 4 News sat down with both of the honorees: Firefighter William Schorg and police officer Ryan Leabo.

It’s the first time Leabo is sharing his experiences with the media.

On April 25th, the then-27-year-old found himself facing the barrel of a gun.

“We all do go to work everyday knowing what could happen but we’ve all accepted that,” Leabo says.

One suspect shot Leabo in the leg and again in the chest.

“The questions going through your head: Is everybody going to be okay?” recalls Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorsky.

Leabo says he’s had a lot of help from his department.

“From the very start of the incident to the very end. From mowing my yard to helping me cook meals to helping me with the healing process– It truly melts my heart,” says the two-year rookie.

And his department has gotten a lot of support from other responders.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all and honestly kind of broke me that day. Just overwhelming with emotion,” Leabo says.

That support surrounded Leabo tonight as he accepted an award from the American Legion for Police Officer of the Year.

Chief Sikorsky and Officer Leabo say it represents a fraction of the community’s response over the last five months.

“While it’s a significant and terrible thing, it really brings out the best in people as well and our Quad Cities really illustrates that in incidents like this,” Sikorsky says.

“From that moment, before that moment, all the way through now, today, the support from the community; kids, businesses, just everyday people has been amazing,” Leabo says.

Leabo is still going to physical therapy to learn how to walk correctly after his injuries.

Leabo went back to work in June but he’s still on restricted duty.

Chief Sikorsky says he’s confident Leabo will be back on the streets soon.

While he’s not back to 100%, just yet, Leabo is looking forward to being back where he belongs.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait,” he says.

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