Local 4 Exclusive: Former Davenport civil rights commissioner speaks up about suing the city

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Neighbors demand action over forgery concerns

Some people want answers and action from Davenport City leaders.

It comes after a Local 4 News exclusive we brought you last week.

We uncovered court documents that indicated Alderman Mike Matson told attorneys his signature was forged on a letter used to fire four civil rights commissioners in April.

“As a taxpayer, it concerns me that we’re moving forward to a court case because somebody did something that shouldn’t have happened,” Camellia Pohl, a Davenport resident, told council members.

The letter and interview documents are part of a lawsuit Nicole Ledger filed against the city.

She’s one of four people the mayor removed in April.

Now she’s speaking out about her case for the first time.

It’s a story you’ll only see on Local 4 News.

Under city guidelines, council members cannot respond to neighbors during the public comment session, they can only listen.

Mayor Frank Klipsch and Alderman Matson sat poker-faced while one neighbor read excerpts of Matson’s deposition, where Matson told attorneys he was upset that the mayor used his signature on a removal letter he didn’t agree with and never even saw.

Neighbors want to see other council members condemn the action, conduct a full investigation and for those responsible to resign.

Ledger says it’s a fight she’s not giving up the fight in court.

“It was on a letter that fired me, slandered my name and is hurting the people that I’ve worked to represent for almost 10 years,” she says.

“I think they thought I would walk away, but I’m not going to.”

The battle between the city and the civil rights commission spans about a year, now.

Some neighbors call it a “debacle” that’s been a waste of time and taxpayer money.

Ledger’s lawsuit against the city now goes to trial.

A date for that is expected to be announced this week.

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