Local art gallery gives kids projects during pandemic

Local News

Geneseo, Ill — Many kids home from school are looking for things to do.

David Smith of Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo is trying to help.

Smith says he is passionate about teaching.

Despite having to close his studio to the public, Smith has taken to holding art classes online.

“I’m a teacher. Teachers teach. So you find a way to do it.”

Smith put together a makeshift set in his gallery where he hosts a series of videos called Kid’s Corner.

In these videos, he teaches children about art projects and concepts.

It’s just Smith, his computer and everyday house items, like crayons, aluminum foil and a pandemic favorite toilet paper, all in one take.

“You learn about media, they’re educational, they’re fun, they’re creative, they get your mind on something else.”

It is also reaching a wide audience.

“We’ve had comments from as far as Australia.”

He is also teaching what he thinks is a lesson all kids could use.

“There’s no wrong way to do this. Students do a lot in school where there’s a right and wrong way to do it, might be science experiment, might be math. Art you got to allow for that individual creativity.”

The videos can be found on Smith Studio and Gallery’s Facebook page.

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