“If we can be open, what can we do to sustain and then also help others sustain,” said Derek Dlouhy, owner of Classical Graphics.

For Classical Graphics, the simple answer to that is t-shirts, which is all some businesses can sell right now.

“We’re a bar with no food, so we’re completely shutdown. We have no kitchen,” Johnna Chesney, co-owner of Public House

But they’re doing far more than that for other local businesses.

“We have the capability to build a simple website or web store,” said Dlouhy

Free of charge.

They then design t-shirts and make them for these businesses to sell on that web store.

And they have a similar theme.

“Got the mask on mama. And they’re the timeout champs,” said Dlouhy of one of the shirts. “They try to come up with these clever little things that relate to it. It’s definetly kept things light.”

And orders are coming in.

“They’re taking care of everything on their end,” Chesney. “We don’t even have to show up here to sell the shirts. They’re taking care of the online store, they’re shipping everything out to our customers.”

All the profits go to the businesses.

“The main worry for us here as a business is that our employees, they’re unemployed right now,” said Chesney. “And there’s literally nothing we can do. And so the fact that classical graphics came up with this idea to do this us amazing because it helps give our bartenders a little bit of income during this time.”

But for Classical Graphics, they’re just returning the favor.

“It’s kind of a way of almost saying thank you to the community and to the people who’ve done work with us,” said Dlouhy. They’ve helped us get to the point where we’re at by coming in and utilizing our services. So if they’re not doing so well right now, what can we do to really help it out.”