Kale Company offers free delivery service

Local News

Kale Company is offering their vehicles and drivers, for free, to any Quad City resident unable to leave their home and needs supplies.

The program, to help those who are unable or unwilling to travel out, will run for the next two weeks, Monday – Friday from 8am – 4:30pm, with the option to extend or stop it as affected by government regulations.

To take advantage of this offer, residents can call or place an order online at any Quad City retailer, grocery store, or restaurant. The order must be paid for beforehand.

Once the order is complete, call the Kale Company at (309) 797-9290 with your name and address, the vendor address, order number, and time the order is ready for pick-up. A driver will be dispatched to pick-up the order and deliver it to your home.

The delivery driver will call when outside your home, drop the supplies off at the front door, knock and then leave to avoid contact or interaction.

The drivers will wear rubber gloves when handling the deliveries. The trucks are sanitized and cleaned regularly by employees to maintain cleanliness.

Kale Company is encouraging the Quad Cities to join together to help one another.

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