Local business owner describes return to US after going on cruise

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Brett Hitchcock, one of the owners of Circa ’21, recently spoke to Local 4 News about his experience returning to the United States after a Caribbean cruise.

Hitchcock left for his cruise on March 6.

He stated at the time of his departure, COVID-19 hadn’t spread widely in the United States.

“We were aware of the crisis, you know, everything hadn’t hit the fan at that point, but they were still being cautious, I mean they took our temperature with the digital thermometers against our forehead when we went on to the ship but that was really it.”

Hitchcock stated that things didn’t seem off until the cruise tried to dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Everybody knew something was not right, that we hadn’t docked yet, and they came on and said that the president of Puerto Rico had denied our entry.”

The cruise spent two more days at sea before docking in Miami, Florida.

There, Hitchcock describes one of the easiest border entries he has gone through.

“There was no testing, I mean they didn’t do anything. We just walked up to the customs officer and he checked our passports and let us go right through.”

Now, Hitchcock is self-quarantining – despite having no symptoms of COVID-19 – as he waits for a time when he can reopen Circa ’21.

“We don’t know exactly when, you know I don’t think anybody knows yet when we’re going to be able to reopen, whether that April 30th date is going to be a good date, or whether it’s going to extend beyond that.”

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