Local business providing free advertisement for businesses in need

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A local business is working to help other local businesses by offering them free advertisement.

It’s through Minuteman Press in Davenport.

Businesses can post ads, coupons or inspirational message on bouncebackusa.com for free. You can fill out this form to get on the website.

The goal is to get the word out about company’s to help them get business during this tough time.

“If the economy is going to come back, the reason it’s going to come back is because of small business people enticing people to come out and spend their money,” said Morris Merle, Minuteman Press owner.

Business owners for QC Total Tech, 4 Seasons Installations, Quad City Piper and The Camera Corner are all a part of Bounce Back Davenport.

“When you own a small business, people sort of stick together and try to support each other,” said Robert Brewer, 4 Seasons Installations owner.

All different types of businesses can be a part of this community.

“This is where we live this is where we purchase things this is where we spend our money,” Merle said. “We want to do everything we can to make the Quad City life as good as it can be, particularity in this time when everybody is staying at home wondering what’s going to happen when all this goes back to the new normal.”

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