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Getting face masks could get easier in Illinois thanks to a new company. Steven Stanek founded KN95-Respirator.com after the Coronavirus cost him his old job. He wanted to find a way to make a difference in the community.

“I was you know furloughed for work and I have a background in technology and website design.” Said Stanek. “And I saw that the opportunity with my resources with retail to source PPE goods, not only for myself, but for businesses.”

Gas and Electric Credit Union received a delivery of 250 masks from KN95-Respirator.com. Like every business, they have been affected by the Coronavirus. President & CEO, Daryl Empen says that instead of shutting down completely, they were still able to get things done for customers.

“Our lobby has been closed for two and a half months so drive thru only.” Said Empen. “We’ve been splitting our teller staff up alternating days to keep them safe. Members signing loans, they’re signing a lot through electronic signature and only coming in when absolutely neccessary so it’s certainly cut down on the amount of traffic.”

Right now they want to be able to take precautions and provide any protection to employees when they reopen.

“When we do we certainly wanna keep our employees and members safe.” Empen said. “So if members come in and they don’t have a mask, they will be able to provide them with one and make sure our employees have them for however long this pandemic lasts.”

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