Local couple gets married at Overlook Village so grandparents can attend

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John and Katie Sonneville just got married. Their original wedding plans had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. They had planned to be out in the mountains in Colorado, but instead changed the venue to Overlook Village Senior Living Center so that John’s grandparents could attend.

“With that we would have stayed on one of the balcony’s, but when the Governor opened it up to 50 people it made it so we could go outdoors to be with everybody out there.”

Don and Tina Sonneville, John’s grandparents are extremely grateful for Overlook Village for allowing the ceremony to be held there so they could attend.

“It was just nice to be with the rest of our family out there witnessing this beautiful occasion. We love Katie. She’s a remarkable young lady and we love her little daughter Avery who is three years old and she just fits into the family and they were a part of the family before the marriage.”

It’s been a blast for them watching John grow up. Don says that John is incredibly smart and when he was in school, he had a unique way of solving math problems.

“They would give him an assignment in mathematics and he was supposed to write down all the problems. Well John just works it out in his head and he would come to school. He would have it written down and the teacher would ask him what the answers were so he just told her what the answers were.”

Don and Tina say that John is a super grandson and are excited to see him begin a new chapter in his life.

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