Despite snowy weather conditions like what the Quad Cities experienced over the weekend, delivery drivers are still out delivering packages.

Amy Cook, a local UPS driver, is urging people to be aware of who they share the roads with this winter.

She says delivery drivers are trained to drive through what are considered less-than-perfect conditions and also gave some tips for other drivers who are on the roads with them.

“Slow down a little bit. If you’re going slower, stay in the right-hand lane,” said Cook. “Get off your phone, please. Pay attention. Pump your breaks a little bit; kind of figure out the roads. That would help us a lot.”

Cook adds these are some of the best things people can do when snowy weather conditions arise:

  • Know your level of driving
  • Don’t drive if you don’t feel comfortable
  • Know how big your vehicle is
  • Use your mirrors

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