Local disabled veteran’s construction project goes from heartbreak to heartwarming

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Just one day after Local 4 News told you the story about a disabled veteran from Davenport who says he got ripped off, strangers are stepping up to help him.

Blyndon McLaughlin had a contract with True Shot Construction to build a wheelchair ramp outside his home for $3,500. Jason Reynolds was set to build that ramp but never completed the job. That’s when McLaughlin went looking for help.

He called Vets’ Choice and asked if they knew of any concrete contractors that they trust. That’s when he was put in touch with King Kongcrete.

“He’s a great guy, and deserves a little something for free,” said Danny Jones of King Kongcrete.

“King Kongcrete came in and cleaned up free of charge,” said McLaughlin. “(They) came in over the weekend to clean up the mess that True Shot (Construction) left.”

The new construction project with King Kongcrete will cost McLaughlin the amount he already paid True Shot Construction, so he’s shelling out another $3,500, but the veteran see’s value far beyond that.

“King (Kongcrete) came in so fast and did the clean up. That’s worth so much. They didn’t want money upfront, they said, ‘pay when you’re happy and the job is done,’ ” said McLaughlin.

King Kongcrete wasn’t the only group to step up to offer help. Multiple people have reached out to us at Local 4 News and asked if they could donate money to help McLaughlin pay his bills.

“Oh, it’s great,” said McLaughlin. “My wife and I used to feed the homeless down at the parks. Just giving back makes you feel good. We don’t ask for a lot, but when they came in and offered to do all this for us, it was great.”

If you’re interested in donating, feel free to reach out to us here at Local 4 News and we’ll help get the two of you in contact with each other.

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