Local doctor: ‘No reason for us to panic’ with coronavirus

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The U.S. is seeing its first few cases of the coronavirus, which has spread from Wuhan, China.

“Just like any other coronavirus, it affects the upper respiratory tracts and lower respiratory tract and it’s spread from person to person through air, through the droplets small tiny particles, when somebodies coughing or sneezing or somebody touches the surface where the virus is and then touches their eyes or mouth, that’s how it spreads,” said Dr. Bharat Motwani, an infectious disease doctor at Genesis.

The symptoms are similar to a cold.

“Fever, a runny nose, cold, body aches.”

But, there’s still a lot of unknowns about the virus.

“This new type of coronavirus is not as contagious as Ebola. We actually don’t know how contagious it is,” he said.

That isn’t worrying Dr. Motwani.

“I think there’s no reason for us to panic at this particular moment,” he said.

Genesis Health System put signs up encouraging people to let their doctor know if they have been in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus.

“We are preparing so we are encouraging people to tell us if they have traveled to China and if they have symptoms.”

The hospital has a plan in place if they see a large influx of patients.

“We can set up temporary tents and take care of the patients. We have temporary spaces to take care of those patients,” Motwani said.

Dr. Motwani wants people to remember to practice good hygiene.

“Cover your mouth when you’re coughing or sneezing, wash your hands, stay home when you’re sick,” he said.

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