Local “elf on the shelf” is spreading holiday cheer across country

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A little boy in Maquon, Illinois had his first taste of internet fame at just 18-months old.

Kelsey Archdale and Brandon Kinney always knew their child Archer had the power to brighten up a room with his smile, but they didn’t know just how many people would fall for their little “elf on the shelf.”

“He’s beautiful, he’s always smiling, always happy ⁠— just so joyful, spreading so much joy to everybody.” Archer’s mother Kelsey Archdale said.

This holiday season the parents began dressing Archer Kinney up as the classic holiday “elf on the shelf” character, and since their first post, he’s gone viral.

“3500 shares, 15k likes, and that’s all within the last 12 hours.” Archdale remarked.

Archer was born with downs syndrome, and he has used his smile to bring cheer to everyone he interacts with since.

“Once he was born ⁠— I couldn’t imagine my life without him.” Archdale said.

Archer’s parents noted how the young boy loves posing for pictures and wearing his costume, and they hope to see him potentially take on modeling because of his natural talent. Archdale explained how the modeling industry has expanded over the past few years, inclusion she would be proud to see her son become a part of.

“I have been seeing a lot more that I have been so happy about ⁠— Target, Carters and stuff ⁠— kids with downs syndrome special needs; yeah, autism; just yeah on their advertisements.” Archdale said.

The family has overcome numerous challenges thrown their way, but they could always count on their little boy to remind them how meaningful life truly is.

“It’s a rollercoaster; you’re just up and down with things. Things get better. It hits us; we’re shot back down, but he always carries that smile on his face.” Archdale said.

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