One family’s snowmobile trips this winter could be compromised after a trailer containing their snowmobiles was stolen.

Surveillance photos show a red truck leaving a parking lot in Davenport with the trailer attached back at the end of October.

“Once or twice a year, we do make it up to the UP of Michigan and go riding for about a week. Sometimes, we take them out to Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin; just anywhere that has more snow than Iowa.”

The winter fun might be on hold. It was unpleasant news for Brady Pratt and his family to wake up to.

“I woke up to some text messages from my dad that said, ‘Hey, go ahead and post these on Facebook for me; the snowmobile trailer and snowmobiles and all of our gear was stolen.'”

The trailer was stored at a lot on Kimberly and Wisconsin. It was parked next to two other trailers. Pratt’s trailer was stolen, while the others were vandalized.

“They cut the locks on the trailer next to it to look inside to see if anything was in there, cut the locks on the trailer next to it and cut the locks on ours and saw that there was things inside and that’s when they went ahead and took it.”

Inside the trailer were two snowmobiles, one of which had just been paid off, as well as two bags filled with snowmobile gear. Pratt says it adds up to about $15,000 dollars. He’s very frustrated but hopeful he will get them back.

“There’s been so much being taken from individuals. I think that it’s really shallow of people to go out and steal other people’s stuff.”