Local farmers lose an access point to horses

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The Williams’ family has lived in the same house in Mercer County for more than 30 years.

An change to the land they use to feed their horses is preventing them from doing so.

The Rivoli Road Commissioner adjusted the drainage area Aug. 28.

Don Fowler, Rivoli Road Commissioner, said the ditch filled up with drainage over the years and needed to be cleaned out, which is what was done.

Richard Williams, who owns the property, said he was not informed this was going be done.

His daughter is worried how the horses will get fed, but she said she will make sure they do.

“All this nice green grass is now gone and there’s a what I call a v-channel, so deep that we can’t get our tractor through there,” Chandra Williams said.

Richard thinks the drainage will create a cesspool.

“We’ve got a place down there that’s gonna collect water, which means mosquitoes,” he said. “You’ve got horses, you don’t want mosquitoes.”

Richard’s son Wayne got in to an altercation with the road commissioner and was arrested.

“My hope for this is honestly to put it back the way it was,” Wayne Williams said.

The family said they do not have access to their barnyard, but Fowler said he did not deny them any access.

The Williams’ family has another access point, but they said when it rains or in the winter, the tractor can’t drive through the access point to feed the horses.

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