With the end to the extra $600 of unemployment through the CARES Act, local food banks are preparing for a possible increase in people needing food.

More people in need means food banks are in need of more donations.

“We know that the extra unemployment kicker ran out this weekend,” said Mike Miller, president and CEO of River Bend Food Bank. “We’re concerned about the moratorium on evictions. We’ve set new records for food distribution each of the last 3 months, up about 1/3 from what we’re experience previously and we’re concerned about a second spike because of those few changes.”

Food banks are doing what they can to help people in need.

“It’s a good feeling you know to give back to the community and help and everybody that needs it and it’s just a good thing,” said Breon Foulks, Heart of Hope food pantry coordinator.

Heart of Hope Outreach is in need of a truck to help deliver food to the elderly and disabled. You can donate to their GoFundMe here.

More information on how to donate or ways to get help from the River Bend Food Bank can be found on their website.