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Keep Rock Island Beautiful took place this morning. Many people came out to clean up the downtown area, including many members of the Local Four News team.

“WHBF has been a part of this community for 70 years and it’s something that we’re very proud of. This is our home and we love being out here seeing all the other volunteers that are helping clean up this area.”

This included News Director Mike Mickle, General Manager Pat Baldwin, and Morning News Anchor Redrick Terry.

“When your really get down into it, there’s a lot to be done here in this community.” Said Terry. “It’s really good to be able to come out here, nice and early on this Saturday and be able to make a difference.”

Local Four News is located in Rock Island and wants to give back to the community.

“We’re down here, this is where our station is. This is where our home is. I spend 50 hours a week.” Said Baldwin. “I’m here every day during lunch either eating at one of our great restaurants down here or just walking around because it’s so beautiful out here.”

Baldwin was even spotted picking out weeds as well as picking up trash.

“I’ve decided to expand to cleaning out flower beds as well. Get the weeds out of there. It’s a beautiful morning so it’s great.”

Both Terry and Mickle have agreed to let Baldwin handle all the gardening.

“He does have a green thumb doesn’t he. You know if this whole general manager thing gig doesn’t work out for him I think he’s got another career possibly.”

Local Four loves being involved in the community and serving. If you have an event that you want Local Four to participate in you can email us at newsroom@whbf.com or call the newsroom at 309-786-5315.

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