A girl from Wilton is doing something special for her Girl Scouts Gold Award Project.

Madeline Drake-Metzger is from Troop 8807, and she’s training a rescue dog to be a therapy dog.

She started training Buddy in February.

He’s a one-year-old Mastiff.

“It’s been amazing. He has such a good temperament, and he is such a good boy,” said Drake-Metzger. “He is so calm, and he is a people-pleaser, for sure.”

Buddy was rescued by It Takes a Village Animal Rescue & Resources in Muscatine.

Karen Hartman with It Takes a Village says they knew right away Buddy would be perfect for the project.

“When Buddy came along, he just was this perfect temperament of gentle and sweet and beautiful that we thought that he would be a perfect match,” said Hartman.

Madeleine is also using social media to keep people updated on his progress.

“Updating people who like what’s going on,” said Drake-Metzger. “How he’s doing with training. Just everything about Buddy is on that page.”

It Takes a Village is paying for all of the training classes.