Millions of dollars are headed to local governments as part of the new American Rescue Plan.

President Joe Biden signed the new plan into law on Thursday.

The massive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill was approved by the House on Wednesday — four days after the Senate passed the bill.

The bill provides billions for schools, testing and protective equipment, in addition to $350 billion for state and local governments.

The funding can be used in a number of ways — including city infrastructure and relief to people, businesses or nonprofits to replenish revenue lost during the pandemic.

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms says there are still discussions to be had about how to spend the money, but he’s hopeful for what it could do for the city.

“The loss of revenue could be a long-term situation. It could be bounced back after a couple of years, stronger than it ever was, and that’s what we’re hoping,” said Mayor Thoms. “If we invest in this money correctly and make decisions in our budgeting, we can not only come back but come back stronger and in a much better financial position than we have been in the last year or so.”

The City of Rock Island will be receiving more than $27.5 million — more than $20 million is going to Moline, and East Moline will get about $2.5 million.

The following funding amounts are for counties on the Illinois side of the Local 4 News viewing area.

There is no word yet on the funding amounts for counties on the Iowa side.

American Rescue Plan Allocation
Carroll County$2,770,000
Chadwick village$60,000
Cherry Grove-Shannon township$90,000
Lanark city$160,000
Milledgeville village$120,000
Mount Carroll city$190,000
Savanna city$350,000
Shannon village$90,000
Thomson village$70,000
Henderson County$1,290,000
Biggsville village$30,000
Dallas City city (pt.)$110,000
Gladstone village$30,000
Gulf Port village$10,000
Lomax village$50,000
Media village$10,000
Oquawka village$150,000
Raritan village$20,000
Stronghurst village$100,000
Henry County$9,490,000
Annawan town (pt.)$110,000
Alpha village$80,000
Andover village$70,000
Atkinson town$120,000
Bishop Hill village$20,000
Cambridge village$260,000
Cleveland village$20,000
Coal Valley village (pt.)$460,000
Colona city$630,000
Galva city$310,000
Geneseo city$800,000
Hooppole village$20,000
Kewanee city$1,520,000
Orion village$220,000
Woodhull village$100,000
Jo Daviess County$4,120,000
Apple River village$40,000
East Dubuque city$190,000
Elizabeth village$90,000
Galena city$390,000
Hanover village$90,000
Menominee village$30,000
Nora village$10,000
Scales Mound village$40,000
Stockton village$210,000
Warren village$160,000
Knox County$9,640,000
Abingdon city$380,000
Altona village$60,000
Avon village$90,000
East Galesburg village$100,000
Galesburg city$3,730,000
Henderson village$30,000
Knoxville city$340,000
Maquon village$30,000
North Henderson village$20,000
Oneida city$80,000
Rio village$30,000
St. Augustine village$10,000
Victoria village$40,000
Wataga village$100,000
Williamsfield village$70,000
Yates City village$80,000
Mercer County$2,990,000
Aledo city$420,000
Alexis village (pt.)$100,000
Joy village$50,000
Keithsburg city$70,000
Matherville village$80,000
New Boston city$80,000
North Henderson village$20,000
Reynolds village (pt.)$60,000
Seaton village$20,000
Sherrard village$70,000
Viola village$110,000
Windsor city$140,000
Rock Island County$27,520,000
Andalusia village$140,000
Carbon Cliff village$240,000
Coal Valley village (pt.)$460,000
Cordova village$80,000
East Moline city$2,550,000
Hampton village$220,000
Hillsdale village$60,000
Milan village$620,000
Oak Grove village$70,000
Port Byron village$200,000
Rapids City village$120,000
Reynolds village (pt.)$60,000
Rock Island$27,510,000
Silvis city$920,000
Warren County$3,270,000
Alexis village (pt.)$100,000
Kirkwood village$80,000
Little York village$40,000
Monmouth city$1,100,000
Roseville village$110,000
Whiteside County$10,700,000
Albany village$110,000
Coleta village$20,000
Deer Grove village$10,000
Erie village$190,000
Fulton city$410,000
Lyndon village$80,000
Morrison city$490,000
Prophetstown city$240,000
Rock Falls city$1,080,000
Sterling city$1,790,000
Tampico village$90,000
State of Illinois$7,492,000,000
Metro Cities$2,683,000,000
Small Towns$738,000,000
Source: Congresswoman Cheri Bustos

Note: Estimates use 2019 Census data to identify populations eligible for assistance and do not include villages or other sublocal entities that may also qualify for funding. Projected amounts may be distributed to more nonentitlement governments than are listed in the breakdown to the extent that eligible nonentitlement governments have overlapping populations (for example, residents of a village government and town government in New York). What this means is that village AND town governments will be receiving a direct allocation of federal assistance, as intended by the legislation, but village amounts are not included because of the complications of calculating those amounts until a process is put in place to divvy up funds between overlapping governments. Identification of eligible governments and distribution of assistance across units with overlapping populations may reflect decisions made by the Department of Treasury and state governments.