Local homeless shelters working to count every person for the census

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The deadline to respond to the census is Wednesday and this year has created added challenges to get people to response.

Homeless shelters typically have a difficult time trying to get an accurate number, but one local shelter said this year was extra difficult.

Humility Homes and Services had street outreach workers who engaged with people who are unsheltered and helped them fill out the census either online or through paperwork.

While the deadline for the census has changed because of the pandemic did not submit their numbers until last week – counting the number of people living in their shelter at that time.

And they made sure to check that they weren’t counting people more than once.

With this being another set of questions people who are homeless get asked, the shelter’s goal was to just help make this process as easy as possible.

“We really tried to explain to them the importance of being counted,” said Christie Adamson, assistant director for Humility Homes and Services. “We explained to them that a lot of the program that we offer is provided through the federal government and the importance of the census in terms of the amount of funding that we even receive.”

If you still haven’t filled out the census, information on how you can do that can be found through their website.

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