Local man recalls witnessing vehicle slam into police cars in the District of Rock Island

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Police are still on the hunt for Adrian Neeley, the driver of the vehicle that slammed into a squad car in the District of Rock Island Sunday morning. Police found him and that’s when he ran into several cars before taking off down 18th Street and was then run off the road at the Word Of Life Church.

The incident was captured on camera by Jared Einfeldt, an East Moline resident. He was in the District with a couple friends when he saw a car get pulled over by police. He thought something was odd about the situation so he pulled out his phone to record the incident. What happened next is something that he won’t soon forget.

“I see the cops start walking up to the door of the car you know thinking it’s a little strange and then all of a sudden the car just puts it in reverse.” Said Einfeldt. “About hits me and runs into the car and then I thought you know the car was done for because he hit it pretty hard.”

The vehicle slamming into the police car was only the beginning for the altercation.

“He just kept going and hit another car and the cops started trying to break the window.”

After the car took off, police cleared everyone away from the scene so they could investigate. At that point there was just one thing on Einfeldt’s mind.

“At first I was just hoping that everybody was okay. I didn’t know who was behind the car, if anything else got hit with debris or anything.” Einfeldt said. “I was just assessing the situation trying to make sure everybody was okay.”

Einfeldt says at the time he didn’t realize how close he was to being hit by the car until the next day. That’s when he realized he narrowly avoided being seriously hurt.

“A couple of my friends had snap chatted me and told me you were really close and looking back at the video I mean, I was about a foot away from getting smoked.”

It was an unreal scene that became all too real.

“That’s something you see on Cops, that’s something you see on a TV show. You know seeing that in real life is something.”

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