Local Musicians start “Freddy and Friends” virtual Facebook Live concert series

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Colder weather moving in has put a lot of musicians plans on hold. They are now looking for ways to play because the option of outdoor concerts is going away.

“We are going to have some issues trying to play our music and make a living.”

Freddy Allen and Josh Duffee are two Quad Cities artists who came up with an idea of starting a Facebook Live concert series called Freddy and Friends.

Since the pandemic hit, all of their performances were cancelled which has left them without work.

“For most of my gigs I do a lot of cruise ships and touring and everything got cancelled pretty much through 2021.”

Allen and Duffee knew that they had to get creative to try and find a source of income as the winter weather rolled in.

“Most of us have lost 95 percent or even close to 100 percent of our work and we’re hearing stories from all over the world all over the world of musicians that are just out of work and they’re trying to make ends meat.” Said Duffe. “So they’re having to get creative to go online and do events online or even on Facebook or Instagram or even YouTube.”

Then the idea for Freddy and Friends was born. They will be virtual concerts that take place twice a month from either Hauberg Estate in Rock Island or The Grape Life in Davenport playing 1920s and 1930s Jazz music. Each concert is sponsored and they have set up a virtual tip jar. Duffee says one thing they wanted to do was try and bring music back into people’s lives.

“They are really needing that music in their lives now just like people had back in the Great Depression.” Duffee said. “They would go out dancing at night just to get their worries away and to spend that time as couple.”

Freddy and Friends next concert will be on November 1st at 2:00 pm

You can donate to their virtual tip jar via PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/FreddyAllen646

Or you can also donate on Venmo at Freddy-Allen-1 .

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