Local organization spreading awareness and support for infant loss just keeps growing

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DAVENPORT, Iowa- In the last couple of months, Share Truck1’s efforts has gained more traction. Since Local 4 News aired the Rogers’s story, they say many doors have opened up for their mission. Many of those opportunities in the Quad Cities

“It has taken off, we have gotten to do so many amazing things and assist so many amazing people, ” says Beth Rogers, founder of the Share Truck1 organization.
Just two months ago, we shared Jason and Beth’s story.They lost their infant angelica to a miscarriage. The couple turned their grief into an organization to help others.Their story was shared more than four-hundred times, landing them the star legacy award in Minnesota. The award honors efforts to combat infant loss.

“We recieved an award their for spreading awareness and it was a surprise and we were completely surprised by that,” shares Rogers.

They’ve also partnered up with several organizations such as Knox Blocks that’s made it possible for Share Truck1 to help grieving parents. Roger says, “we’ve been able to assist many many families with funeral arrangements to cremations, Knox Blocks has helped with some monitors.”

Share Truck1’s message has gained some famous support. Some notable supports including Mike Wolfe from the show American Pickers and Keith Powell from 30 Rock.

Organization member Michelle Yates says by gaining this support the stigma of infant loss weakens. “It’s OK to grieve, its OK to love your babies that aren’t here,” Yates adds,” every life matters no matter what the justification.”

Yates is a delivery nurse at Genesis East and is a part of the bereavement team. She’s been with the organization from the start because of her own loss.”I feel like i could connect with the families more because I’ve had my own loss i know what they’re feeling.”

Yates has been helping the rogers spread their message.They are in the works of another banner with names of the infants who have died.
But are also in the works of getting Genesis hospital and several banks involved in infant loss and awareness week in October.

“Our mission is to spread awareness love and support for any bereaved parents,” says Rogers.

Share Truck1 is in the process of becoming a legitimized charitable organization. All their money they’ve collected goes back to funds that help the prevention of infant loss. For more information, visit their website here.

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