A lot of homeless shelters are closed during the pandemic, some local organizations came forward to help.

Reverend Melvin Grimes is the Executive Director of Churches United of the Quad Cities and they have teams up with other organizations to feel the homeless while they stay at hotels during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our clientele is divided between a couple of hotels here this is one of them, we are here and we will serve a hot meal each Monday through Saturday,” said Rev. Grimes. “Make sure that those who are homeless do have a nutritious meal.”

Michael Steven Robinson is new to the area and said he’s thankful for the second chance he’s getting.

“It’s a great blessing from Humility of Mary and I’m not from here I’m from Kentucky and I get disability and they’re helping me get a place to live,” said Robinson.

Dennis Jordan Jr. said he is glad he can get a warm meal.

“I’m blessed to be here today because I don’t know where I would be without this, it would be stronger harder for everybody else out here,” said Jordan. “This is a blessing a true blessing it’s a miracle really to me.”