Local Police Departments give back with their beards

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15 area police departments gave back to the community this month.

By growing their beards.

The annual battle of the beards ended today.

And its something they all look forward to.

“All the officers like to grow the beards,” said Moline Detective Jon Leach. “We like to give each other a hard time. Some guys do a very poor job, some guys still have donuts hanging in their beard, so we like to give each other a hard time, razz each other. Its a fun thing to do for a serious cause.”

This year featured six awards.

The old fart beard, the sexiest beard, the most colorful beard, the best beard, the worst beard and the the best department beard.

But not every winner feels like it.

“Most the awards are well thought of. I think everyone hates the old fart beard. Nobody wants to be considered the old fart,” said Leach. “So the old fart is the one you don’t want to end up with.”

And this isn’t for the faint of heart.

“The guys that make it a week or two and its just too itchy or scratchy for them and they shave it off,” said Leach.

Though it is fun, its not about winning.

All the money raised went to the Iowa Children’s hospital.

And they know thats what its really all about.

“They have a great program up there and they provide so many great things and great care to these children that don’t have such a normal childhood like maybe you or I did,” said Leach. “I’ve seen first hand all the great things they do up there, and how caring their staff is so its a natural fit for us.”

After they were given a free shave.

Police usually aren’t allowed to have beards, so some didn’t want to part with it.

“I’m not. I kind of wanted to hold on to it. It got to the point where its not really itchy or bothering me anymore,” said Leach. “So I would like to hold on to it. Maybe I’ll call in sick for the next week and I’ll be able to.”

Though the beards wont last, the impact they’re going to have on the children will.

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