Local reaction to Gov. Pritzker ordering to close restaurants and bars in Illinois

Local News

Governor JB Pritzker is took some serious action on Sunday afternoon, in an effort to stop the spread of the disease.

The governor is ordering all restaurants and bars throughout the state to be closed to the public. The new order will go into effect on Monday through the end of the month.

Zach Kahley and his family own Chief’s Bar and Grill in Silvis, he said after Governor Pritzker’s order his family will do whatever they can for their employees.

“We feel bad for our employees but we will be making efforts to give them as much hours as we can in the next two weeks,” said Kahley. “What I think the government needs to understand is that it’s going to have a radical effect on both the employees and the employeers of bars and restaurant in the state of Illinois.”

Chief’s Bar and Grill has decided to continue with their free meals to students who live in the area.

“We still plan to support and serve free lunches to those children from 11 to 1 o’clock every weekday Monday thru Friday for the next two weeks. its just that the only change is now it’s going to be carry-out because of these new shut down restrictions from the government,” said Kahley.

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