Local schools combatting childhood hunger with year-round free meals

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Davenport Community School District is extending their free summer lunch program to last throughout the entire upcoming school year. In anticipation of the semester beginning, the district plans to offer any student free meals with no registration or explanation required. Many counties require proof of financial need in order for students to be eligible to receive the aid. Davenport is fighting the stigma that can come with asking for help by eliminating this obstacle.

A local mother, Faye Wyers, describes how this program is helping her out, “it’s one less thing for us to do, we don’t have to stop and go to the grocery store to try to figure out what’s for lunch and breakfast this week, so it’s all figured out.” Wyers says.

Her daughter enjoys the food in the meals, which is part of the county’s mission. On top of offering these meals at no cost in an effort to fight childhood hunger, Davenport Community Schools want to promote nutritional eating. Each bag contains fruits, vegetables, and grains to make sure students are eating a healthy, balanced diet.

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