Local shelter creates job program to help people get back on track

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A pilot program at a local homeless shelter is preparing people for their next steps.

Humility Homes and Services in Davenport launched the Fresh Start Center Opportunity Program in January.

It helps people who are re-entering the workforce get experience.

Using hands on experience to teach life skills is what Humility Homes and Services is trying to do with the new initiative.

Participants manage the donation center in a 12 week paid program, learning customer service and professional management skills.

“All different types of work. Not just sorting or putting away, but they are also doing stock management, they’re doing displays,” supervisor Patti Trapp said.

Trapp said they’re helping people get ready for their next job.

“It’s set up specifically for our participants who have been identified as ready to re-enter the workforce. But might need a little polish before that happens,” Trapp said.

Learning how to apply for jobs online, having a set schedule and responsibilities are some of the skills they teach.

“It taught me to be more organized. To manage my time,” participant Ricky Gypeed said.

He was homeless for 10 years. He’s used the program’s rapid housing services for 2. He’s looking forward to being self-sufficient. Even after he finishes the program, he wants to help others who were in his shoes.

“I would like to volunteer my time when I have time to volunteer, just to pay it back. Give them back what they’ve given to me so freely,” he said.

The program directors are looking for more businesses to work with for their participants.
Their donation center also needs more household items. You can find that information at https://www.humilityhomes.org/.

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