Local shelters preparing for winter

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Winter can be a hard season for anyone.

But even more so when you have no place to go.

“I’m alright with what I got at the moment, but if we get some of those temperatures we did last year, negative 30 degrees, I want some place inside. Not even my tent is going to be good enough,” said Alf Fischer, a local man looking for a shelter.

And there places for people to go here in the Quad Cities, but shelters usually run at full capacity.

Add in more demand during the cold months– you have a problem.

“Shelter period is needed for a lot of people out here. I’m not the only one, that’s for sure,” said Fischer.

There is help on the way.

“There is an overflow shelter that is due to open on December the first through Kings harvest ministry. That is needing support right now to fund it,” said John Cooper, pastoral associate at St. Anthony’s Church.

Despite the lack of funds the overflow shelter was able to have an emergency opening for just one night this week.

And December first is still a couple weeks away and it will not be warming up anytime soon.

So that creates another problem.

“We have this gap now between what we do now, between November 12th and December 1st,” said John De Taeye, Director of Development at Humility House.

So other organizations are trying to help fill that gap in.

Humility Homes is one of those places.

They’ve been letting in more people.

St. Anthony’s church, though not a shelter is also pitching in.

“We have people come to us and if they’re people that aren’t long term homeless, they’re asking us, how do I do it,” Cooper said. “Can I have a sleeping bag? So we give out tons of sleeping bags here, winter coats, blankets. That’s probably the biggest thing we give out here.”

They do have a bigger goal in mind.

“The Quad Cities will not need emergency winter shelter in five years,” De Taeye said.

But right now they are focused on getting the money and volunteers to get people through this winter.

Money can be donated to the Scott County Housing Council at 1212 W. 3rd Street Suite A, Davenport, Iowa  52802.

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