Local shoppers recall watching mall shooting unfold

Local News

Holiday shopping in Davenport had families ducking for cover at NorthPark Mall as bullets flew through the hallways. The gunfire took place just after 11:30 this morning.

Police say there was an argument in the Northwest Common Hallway and it escalated when a suspect pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the group. There are no injuries reported.

There were many people inside the mall doing holiday shopping when the gunfire took place.

“We were in a store. We just heard three shots and we saw three people take off running.” Said one local shopper. “I helped the store lady shut the barricade down and we were barricaded in the store for a few minutes and then we came out and we are out here.”

One vendor, James Dailey, was inside the mall and he says that it was a chaotic scene watching people frantically trying to get out of the mall.

“At first we heard the gunshots inside. Whenever it happened everybody started scattering.” Dailey said. “It was a small gun, it sounded like a firecracker almost, but I knew the difference.”

Once Dailey got outside with the other rush of people, he saw everyone desperately trying to get out of dodge.

“I saw a car that peeled off in the back so maybe they were scared, maybe they were picking somebody up, I’m not sure, but the shell casings were around a vending machine past express.”

Dailey sells massage guns inside the mall and he’s concerned that this will impact holiday shopping in year that has already been very difficult.

“With Covid going on also it’s been a very hard year. I feel like this is going to be very hard on us. Again it’s going to add some weight to people wanting to come in and Christmas shop. I think they’re going to think twice about that and it’s going to hurt us a lot.”

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