Local toy drive sees huge donation numbers

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When Scott Stubblefield started Scott for Tots last year, it was a big challenge.

They served just under 1000 kids.

Which was great, but they wanted to do more.

“We want to see all these kids have a Christmas,” said Billions Auto GM Taher Alyamany. “And when we saw the results last year, we said next year we need to make this real big.”

And they did.

“We had one truck load last year, which was not completely full,” said Scott for Tots founder, Scott Stubblefield. “This year they brought the same truck and they’re going to fill it at least twice.”

And there’s one big reason why.

The community.

“For me personally, it took a whole lot of hours of work out of my day just having the additional help on the back side,” said Stubblefield. “But the community coming forward and local businesses taking drop boxes and stuff, it was imperative. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

And their support came as no surprise.

“We’re pretty awesome here in Clinton County and I knew that, but each year they’re proving it more and more and more,” said Stubblefield. “We’re a small community but we take care of our own.”

But it all still went through the founder.

“This is Scott 100% from A to Z,” said Alyamany. “You can just look behind me at all these boxes and you’ll know how hard he did work. He spent a lot of time.”

It also means a lot of kids will be getting a Christmas.

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