Local veterans have mixed reactions towards Middle East tensions

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Some local veterans are reacting to the news of the Iranian missile attack on a U.S. military base.

Michael Davis served in the Marine Corps for eight years.

“I was ready to reenlist,” Michael Davis, Marine Corps Veteran. “I’d go back in if I could.”

When he heard about the Iranian missile attack, he didn’t feel it was justified.

“I think it was a big mistake by Iran, they retaliated to our striking of their general, which is a proven terrorist,” Davis said.

But Davis doesn’t blame President Trump for what happened.

“The president can not just say send the bombs over and bomb this guy, the generals have to agree to it,” Davis said.

William Thompson is an army veteran and he doesn’t think the attack will create long term problems.

“I don’t think Iran was after killing anybody, I just think they were just making a statement to appease their own people so they could go back and tell them you know hey we took on the United States and they’re not going to retailiate or whatever so I think that they felt that they won a battle,” Thompson said.

For Marvin Kundert, an air force veteran, he feels the U.S. did what was necessary.

“I’m not happy about it, but we’re not going to let them push us around,” Kundert said.

As for what’s next…

“The generals and the president, are probably right at this very moment discussing all of that. I’m hoping they’ll be a little bit diplomatic about it I mean I don’t think they’re just going to jump in to war because that does put a lot of people in peril,” Davis said.

Thompson is glad no U.S. troops were killed.

“As long as no one was killed,” Thompson said. “If somebody been killed, that would have changed I think our response.”

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