Local voice sends travelers on their way at the QC International Airport

Local News

More people are getting on planes again during the pandemic and that means more people in and out of the Quad Cities International Airport.

The announcements telling people not to leave their bags unattended might be something a lot of people aren’t actively listening to, but there is a local face behind that voice.

His name is Michael Ashcraft. He was born and raised in Davenport.

He started doing voice over work back in 1981 and made it his full-time career in 1990.

“I like having my voice around in my hometown and I have had people who call me up who have flown in going, ‘Hey, is that you at the airport?’ And I’m going, ‘Yeah, yeah it is,'” Ashcraft said.

More information about Michael Ashcraft can be found on his website.

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