Local waitress serving food, art, and smiles despite pressure from staffing shortages

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A local mother, artist, and waitress at 11th Street Precinct — Savannah Montegna — is no stranger to the value of hard work. She manages to raise her 2.5 year old son and cultivate her passion for art all while working as a waitress — a position many shy away from during these trying times in the pandemic.

Like many communities across the country, the QCA is still plagued with staffing shortages — local restaurants closing and having to limit hours due to lack of servers and other crucial employees. Montegna explains how this places increased pressure on those working each shift.

“It’s definitely rough — it’s tiring and a lot of the time you don’t even have time to eat throughout the day.” Montegna describes.

She doesn’t let this stress bring her down. Montegna uses her love for art to make her shifts more fun and to make her customers’ dining experiences a bit more special by sketching some who inspire her. She says, “At the end of a long work day it’s nice to be able to sit down take a ten minute breather, draw somebody for myself bc its really something to take my mind off of work — and all the ranch dressing.”

One of her customers, Huck Boone, was especially impressed with her work and her ability to go the extra mile to make his dinner exciting.

“She only spoke to us a few minutes or 30 seconds really, but she really captured us” Boone explained. “She definitely observed us, our chemistry, body language… she went above and beyond.”

Montegna cannot draw every customer, but she says whenever she sees someone who radiates “good energy” and inspires her to sketch — she’ll take out her pen and get to work . She wants to work on her art and bring joy to the restaurant’s patrons.

“I try keep a smile on my face because when I’m smiling and when I’m happy it brings that energy to everyone around me and makes easier for every to feel less stress.” Montegna says.

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