Local woman getting evicted worries for what’s next

Local News

A Davenport woman said she lives in fear that any moment she will be forced out of her home.

She said she has nowhere to go. Her health problems keep her from feeling safe going outside.

Leeann Jones started having health problems almost four years ago.

She suffers from depression and migraine headaches that cause strokes. Jones got an eviction notice from her landlord because she can’t pay her rent.

“I just need a roof over my head and I think that’s the kindness that we should afford to everybody. Everybody deserves a roof over their head,” Jones said.

She has physical and mental health problems that include depression and anxiety, spinal degeneration and agoraphobia, which means she fears going outside.

“It’s one of those things where pick what hurts the most, I don’t know what’s the worst right now,” Jones said. “The physical pain I’m in every given moment is bad enough.”

Her house is packed up in bins and boxes and after receiving an eviction notice, any moment she said she can be forced to leave.

“It’s hard enough to be here by myself all the time but then to have to do something like this and just waiting, it’s impossible.”

Because she also suffers from migraines, which cause seizures, she can’t be around bright light leaving her with almost no shelters in the Quad Cities that she can go to.

“I understand that this world is not set up for people with really special needs,” Jones said. “My situation is unique and I understand there’s not a lot of resources.”

Her hope is that someone can spread some holiday kindness to her.

“I need a solution this is not living, I can’t do this every hour. Nobody could.”

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