Local woman is using pet portraits to help people, animals in Australia

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The fires in Australia left Priscilla Byers with a heavy heart.

“It was hard and you saw the impact of the fire right away,” said Priscilla Byers, Local photographer. “You see the koalas, you see the kangaroos that are caught in the fire, the babies.”

She decided to take action by taking pet portraits. All the money will go to helping the Australia bushfires.

“I asked for everybody to bring as many animals as they possibly can,” she said. “Some people are bringing four dogs, some are bringing cats, snakes, rats. Just to be surrounded by as many of those animals as I could right now would be great.”

Her hope is the portraits will create a lasting impact for people.

“These animals are pretty much our kids you know and two, they all go through a season of life obviously and to have those to remember them and to find their personalities and to capture their personalities is something that I think everyone will cherish.”

Because she knows how meaningful a photo can be.

“Our job is totally in the moment so to be a photographer and to understand how that moment was probably incredibly tough, those are like the unsung heroes to be honest with you to sit there and really capture it because they are the ones that are letting people know what is actually going on so it was incredibly impactful, yet heartbreaking.”

Byers plans to donate the money she makes from this weekend to three different foundations helping with the wildfires.

She is considering adding another weekend of pet portraits because of the demand she has received. Byers will post an update on her Facebook page, Priscilla Ryan Photography, if she ends up doing that.

You can also donate to her Venmo at @priscilla-Byers with #AussieBenefit.

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