Locals are concerned for family members who still live in India as the numbers of COVID continue to grow

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COVID cases in India are skyrocketing. In the last week, more than 16,000 died and more than 2 million cases were reported.

A second wave started in mid-March.

New Delhi, one of the country’s biggest cities went into lock down on April 9th.

Local Quad Cities residents say they’re worried about their family members who still live in India.

Shubhangi Agrawal is from Bettendorf and said her hometown and family have been affected by the second wave of COVID.

“I’m from Jaypore, which is like one of the biggest tourist attraction cities, so they get major revenues from tourism and the city is suffering badly,” said Agrawal.

Tushar Patel has lost family due to the virus.

“Our close first cousins they’re doing fine. We have had a few family members who are in ICUs and had a couple who passed away as well,” said Patel.

Vikram Agrawal’s family is from Bhopal, which is a city that is currently in lockdown due to the pandemic.

“Probably 2.8 million people in the city, so it’s as big as St. Louis. They are in a lockdown right now and the government is imposing the lockdown very aggressively to contain the spread,” said Agrawal.

They said the Indian community from the Quad Cities has been supportive during this time.

“They understand the need and they will definitely go out and help not only extended or immediate family but us coming from Indian decent,” said Agrawal.

They’ve been using technology to keep in touch with their parents, who are still in India.

“We do Facetime daily. We try to get all updated information from them. WAe’re constantly in touch with them,” said Agrawal.

The local non-profit Friends of India QC is rasing money to help families in India.

The non-profit can be reached via email fiaqc.committee@gmail.com

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