Longer off season leading to more injuries, new sports clinic working to help

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A longer off season for some athletes has led to some doctors seeing more patients with injuries.

A new sports clinic in the Quad Cities is working to get people back to playing as quickly as possible – it’s Genesis’ sports medicine clinic called The Lab.

And since they opened in March, they have seen a lot of people with various sports-related injuries.

“A lot of them go from 0 to 100 to forgo sports in a very short period of time so that may be contributing to some of these injuries,” said José Armendáriz, Genesis sports medicine doctor.

And treatment can be a hassle.

“The traditional trajectory for athletes getting injured is go to urgent care, ER, and then end up in a primary care office,” he said.

When athletes you, they will get their evaluation, the therapy and the follow-up. They treat acute or chronic injuries.

Patients will be asked to do simple exercises like walking on the treadmill or squats. Data will appear from this and that’s what the doctors are there to explain and help get people on the road to recovery.

“This kind of lets us see if somebody has one sided symptoms, stress fractures or any concern like that. It helps us kind of pin that down,” Armendáriz said.

No injury is too small.

“Sometimes the early symptoms are easy to ignore until they keep you up at night, until they modify the way you’re running, the way you’re throwing.”

They are located at 4700 East 56th Street in Davenport and at the TBK Bank Sports Complex.

More information can be found on their website.

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