Lopiez celebrates one year anniversary

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Lopiez in downtown Davenport just celebrated a big milestone with their one year anniversary. Making it to the one year anniversary is quite the accomplishment considering all of the challenges that they have faced.

The New York Style Pizzeria’s grand opening was pushed back a couple of months due to last months historic flooding. Once they recovered from that, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit.

“We were slated to open around Cinco De Mayo last year and that’s right when the flood wall broke and we had about six inches of water in here and that obviously that set us back a couple of months, but once we were up and running we were going full steam.”

Lopiez General Manager, Broc Nelson says that it was a big relief when they finally opened their doors. Before Lopiez came, New York Style Pizza is something that the Quad Cities didn’t have.

“We offer something that is a totally unique pizza experience for the Quad City area.” Said Nelson. “You know there’s a lot of Quad City Style Pizza and you know you got your fast food pizza places and some other unique spots in town, but nothing really like what we do.”

Then the Coronavirus Pandemic came and shut down their dining area. During that time they were doing carry out only.

“We can’t serve people if they’re ill and we can’t do service ourselves if we’re ill so we need to keep everybody safe so that we can keep the ship afloat.”

Despite the challenges, they overcame them and through hard work and dedication the owners were able to grow their business.

“We opened up a second location that we do carry out and delivery from on Brady Street for dinner time. We’ve got our food truck up and rolling which allows us to serve slices in remote locations.”

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