Losing first in the nation status could affect the QC’s economy

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This year’s caucus chaos fueled the fire from critics who question whether Iowa should continue being the first contest in the presidential campaign.

The state parties spend more than a year planning for it. All of those campaign visits bring a lot of money into the local economy.

Visit Quad Cities and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce don’t have exact numbers that illustrate the impact. They tell Local 4 News, a lot of people and businesses notice it.

“It’s important because it drives hotel business and overnight stays, it drives traffic and restaurants, but it also impacts you know vendors and folks that might do signage right it impacts people that might run and operate gas stations and convenient stores and vendors that are printers that are printing flyers,” said Dave Herrell, President & CEO Visit Quad Cities.

Those are just some businesses that see an economic impact because of the Iowa caucuses.

“We’ll see lots of presidential candidates that will spend lots of money not only here in the Quad Cities but all of Iowa through you know staying at motels, hotels, food, lodging, all of those things plus then you have to realize they bring all of their volunteers and boots on the ground to our state, which in turn is economic development for our city,” said Roxanna Moritz, Scott County auditor and commissioner of elections.

When Andrew Yang hosted an event at Big River Bowling in Davenport, the owner said it was good for business.

“That was great it brought in 150 more people that wouldn’t have been in here otherwise,” said Susan Lorfeld.

If Iowa were to lose its first in the nation status, the impact would go beyond the economy. It would also affect presidential campaigns.

“Whether it’s their staff, whether it’s volunteers, whether it’s people that work in kind of the political industry and that space,” Herrell said. “It’s media that come in to cover it so there’s a lot of energy around the whole caucus platform and losing that would be a sizable impact.”

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