Lost school activities taking toll on students mental health

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High school students are missing out on so many school activities and that may be difficult for some to handle.

Kaitlyn Dwyer, a mental health counselor at Vera French, works with students at Pleasant Valley High School. She said she has seen a big increase in depression and anxiety because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s almost like they’re kind of going through a grieving process,” Dwyer said.

She recommends students to create a circle of control. There are things inside your control, such as the way you deal with this situation. Then, there are things outside of your control such as the virus and events being cancelled.

“So really focusing on, you know, shifting the so it’s not such a negative outlook, negative view, to something more positive also you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home,” she said.

And she has advice for parents as well.

“When your child is feeling down or they’re feeling these things, to just like you know be compassionate, valid those feelings because the feelings that they’re feeling are valid and right now they’re struggling just as much as we are too with you know, prom, graudation, those things that we may not think are huge deals, but to them it really is.”

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